My Milled Aircraft

Index 3s

This is a indoor model I developed from the excellent design by Aero_1. Most of the fuselage is symmetrical and the latest have alternate panels milled from each side to improve the knife edge handling. It has a wing span of 80cm and this model pictured that I fly weights 105 grams with battery.

 Cut and milled  Depron is now available at the online shop.

Index 4

This aircraft is larger 90cm wing span f3p. it is a design by Aio_1 featured here on RCGroups. It flies very precise and can be a excellent F3A practice model in a quiet corner of a park. Underside wing and tail surfaces have been milled as well as alternate areas each side of the fuselage. Wing span is 88cm. This model I fly has a VVP  Mamo system and with battery weights 140 grams.





The Extra 330 is a 6mm Depron outdoor model. It can be built light or very strong to suit your flying style. Plans here at RCGroups. As well as lots of information.

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