How To Build

I’ve found that by reducing the weight lets the aircraft fly slower giving the pilot more time to react and learn. Reducing the weight during the build means you need less bracing and reinforcing thus even less weight. Then even smaller/lighter motor and battery. So the less you put in the even lighter it will be.

So as it’s about to pile into the ground you somehow have time to pull up, the light mass of the airframe comes to a stop and that crash has just turned into a bad landing with minor or no damage.

So how do you get a 800mm wing span plane down to a 100grams ?

Have a look at the information on this page.

By spending only 30 minutes or so a night, over two weeks, you can have an aircraft that really is a “build”. It will have a bit of your personality in it, and will fly the way YOU want it to.


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